Redefining Success

In the inaugural sermon of the Biblical Balderdash series, Jared Proctor explores 2 Timothy 4 for a biblical perspective on success.

God’s Unchanging Character

Jared Proctor explores the immutability of God in Malachi chapter three and what it means for mankind- doom for those who oppose him and hope for those who repent.

The Lord of Hosts

Jared Proctor explores the image of God painted in Psalm 24 as a warrior and commanding king.

The Jealousy of God

Jared Proctor explores the jealousy that God displays in the context of the Ten Commandments- Exodus 20:1-6

The Goodness of God

Jared Proctor challenges listeners with Genesis 1 to reckon in their own hearts that God is good, even in times of suffering.

Hello It’s Nice to Meet You

In his first sermon as the lead pastor of Springhill, and the first sermon in the “It’s Nice to Meet You” series, Jared Proctor explores John 17:3 for what it really means to intimately know God and to truly seek His presence.