No Place Left

In Romans 15:23 Paul makes a very powerful observation about his ministry. After 15 years of Gospel work in a large geographic area inhabiting 20-25 million people. Paul was able to say that there was “no place left” for him in this area. How was he able to say this? What would it take for…

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Knowing Modern Molds of Ancient Idols

In this weeks teaching Pastor Jared finishes the letter of 1st John. John ends his letter with a final instruction to (keep ourselves free from idols). Pastor Jared practically speaks of idols that we often see in our culture today.

Knowing: The Ministry of Reconciliation

In this sermon Pastor Jared examines 1st John 5:13-21. In these verses John emplosres all believers to have a ministry of reconciliation both amongst the family of God and to the dying world.

Knowing How to Have Confidence in Prayer

In this sermon Pastor Jared examines 1st John 5:13-15. He address the question of how we can have confidence in your prayers? In this sermon we learn that our heavenly Father is never distracted…… Whenever we pray he listens.

Knowing the Son

In this sermon Pastor Jared looks at 1st John 5:4-12. In this passage we dive into the question of where our victory comes from.. where does our assurance come from? All of these things root from who Christ is and what he has done for us.

That You May be Known by Love

In this sermon Pastor Jared teaches on 1st John 4:7-5:4. Just like one uses a compass to find true north. This should be the same with a follower of Christ and the love of God.

That You May Know: How to Love

In this sermon pastor Jared teaches from 1st John 3:16-18. We see how great the Father’s love is for us. It is this type of love followers of Christ should extend to one another.

How to Love Your Brother

In this sermon, Pastor Jared teaches from 1st John 3:11-24. In this passage we see the terrible condition sin puts mankind in. We also see God’s desire for us to truly love your brothers and sisters.