In this sermon, Pastor Jared continues the Rooted series with an exploration of faith in John 1.

The Gospel Seed

Pastor Jared continues the Rooted Series with a discussion of Jesus’ parables in Mark 4.

Tree Planted by the Water

Continuing the Rooted series, Pastor Jared explores the imagery of Psalm 1 and its implications for the growth of believers.

Rooted: Series Introduction

In this sermon kicking off the “Rooted” series, Pastor Jared explores Philippians 1 and its implications for the mission of the church.

Signs of Growth

Pastor Jared concludes the series on Ephesians 4 with a message on spiritual growth. What does it look like for the believer to mature from year to year?

The Gift of Teaching

Pastor Jared continues his series on Ephesians 4 with a discussion of the gift of teaching and the responsibility of every believer to make disciples.

The Nativity

In a special nativity service at Springhill, Jared Proctor shares briefly about the promise of peace that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Come to Jesus

In this Christmas sermon, Pastor Jared focuses on people that came to Jesus in each of the four gospels in order to see what we might learn from their stories.

The Gift of Shepherding

Pastor Jared Proctor continues his series on the five-fold ministry of the church with a discussion on the gift of shepherding.