Panic or Pursuit

In this weeks sermon Pastor Jared addresses what is currently happening in our world. In Mark 4:35-41 we see Jesus calming the storm. In seasons of uncertainty individuals respond in different ways. We are encouraged to rest in the hope that Jesus offers and to continue to pursue Him in the midst of uncertainty.

Kingdom Prayer

What should the nature and posture of a Kingdom Citizen’s prayer be? This week Pastor Jared addresses this question by leading us to Christ’s teaching in Matthew Ch.6 for the answer.

The Character of Kingdom Citizens

“The Character of Kingdom Citizens” In this week’s teaching Pastor Jared looks at Christ’s words in Matthew Chapter 5. Considering the question; what type of character should a kingdom citizen possess?

A Search for The King

Without much though we realize that every kingdom must have a king. There is no king on this earth that will ever compare to our King! Jesus is King of heaven and earth. In this message Jesus is exulted and worshiped as “King over all!”

Kingdom Correction

This week Pastor Jared begins a new series on God’s Kingdom. In this sermon we are challenged to ask ourselves if we are investing in our own kingdoms, or in the Kingdom of God?

The Commands of Christ

In this sermon Pastor Jared looks again at the Gospel of Luke. Looking at some of Christ’s commandments Jared reminds us through the illustration of military analogy that commands aren’t options they are orders from our King.

The Divine Teacher

In this sermon Pastor Jared looks back at the Gospel of Luke examining the type of teacher Jesus was and the way that he taught!


We are excited to start a new sermon series! Over the next several months we will be studying the book of Acts together! The work that Jesus began to do durning His ministry on earth continues on after His death and resurrection! We see this work begin through the Spirit filled lives of the 1st…

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Zechariah’s Song

This is the third sermon in our Christmas series. In this series Jared is preaching the songs that surround Jesus’ birth! This third song is Zechariah’s song, found in Luke 1:67-80. Please listen and allow the words of Zechariah shape the way you see Jesus!