Haggai || Build Back Better || Jared Proctor

“Build Back Better” If we were to assign a theme to the book of Haggai this would be a great one! During this period Israel finds itself in a similar position as we do today. After walking through a difficult season, God used Haggai to communicate with Israel. After a word correction, God promises to…

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Acts 12 || Heavens Delivery Service – Prayer || Jared Proctor

In Acts chapter 12 there is a process that takes place.  It is a process that we see God’s people go through repeatedly throughout scripture. Pastor Jared calls this process, “The Cycle of Delivery”. The steps are Oppression, Prayer, Prepare, Delivery, and Doubt. In this Sermon Pastor, Jared focuses on Prayer.

Gifts to the Church

In Acts 11:27-30 we see that the Spirit gives 4 Gifts to the church. In this sermon Pastor Jared encourages us with them!

Surprised by the Spirit

When was the last time that the Lord did something that completely amazed you? Looking at Acts 10:44-11:18 we see the Spirit of God moving and amazing everyone who witnessed! In this sermon Pastor, Jared’s challenge is to examine the Holy Spirit afresh and make much of the Holy Spirit!

What Stirs Your Heart?

In Psalms 45 we see the Psalmist thrilled by the thought of the King of Isreal becoming married he wrote a song! In this sermon Pastor Jared explains what this symbolizes.

Gentile Pentecost

Acts Chapter 10. In this chapter we see the Lord give different heavenly visions. In this sermon, we look at the Gentile Pentecost. Pastor Jared discusses how the spirit is still at work in hearts and lives today.