That You May Know: How to Tell Time

In this sermon Pastor Jared walks us through 1st John 2:18-27. This scripture scripture reveals to us that there are individuals in this world that come in the name of Jesus but don’t teach the Gospel of Jesus. John warns the church to identify these individuals. Similarly Pastor Jared teaches us how to identify those…

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That You May Know: The Adversary’s Plan

In this Sermon Pastor Jared helps us to understand 1st John 2:15-17. We learn that Satan has a plan to distract us by using the things of this world. It is important for us to know this so we may declare and walk in the victory that only Christ offers!

That You May Know: Stages of Maturity

In this Sermon Pastor Jared unpacks 1st John 2:12-14. In these verses we see John addressing believers. He address them differently according to their maturity. In this sermon we learn why that is important.

That You May Know: What To Do With Sin

In this Sermon Pastor Jared looks at 1st John 1:5-2:3. He explains what we as individuals are supposed to do with sin. What God does with our sin, and also what Jesus did with our sin.

That You May Know: Joy Complete

In this Sermon Pastor Jared continues our study through 1st John. In 1st John 1:4 John writes about his joy being complete. We learn that if we are found in Christ we should have joy, often times in life we lack it. In this sermon we identify why that is and what we must do…

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That You May Know: Overview

In this sermon Pastor Jared introduces and lays a foundation for understanding the book of 1st John. We learn that in John’s letter to the church he is addressing false teachings and teachers that have crept into the church. We discover that John gives believers both past and present a list of truths that we…

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