Acts 17:10-15 || Sermon Assessor || Jared Proctor

The sermon, based on Acts 17:10-15, explores how we can develop a character like the Bereans in Acts 17. Join us as we look at the qualities of a sermon assessor as we look for the objective truth found in the messages we hear.

Acts 17:5-9 || Paying the Price || Jared Proctor

As we celebrate the dedication of young children in the church, we pause to consider what scripture says about the cost of following Christ both for the individual following Christ and the way the life of discipleship affects those around them.

Loan Repayment Celebration Service

Exciting news at Springhill Baptist Church! As we celebrate paying off our building loan, we’re reminded of the immense grace of Christ who paid our spiritual debt and filled our hearts with gratitude and joy!