Good Seed. Good Soil

Continuing on in our series “Multiplying Movements”. Pastor Jared explains that we have good seed (God’s Word) and once that seed lands on good soil (God prepared hearts) God will provide the growth!

The Drawback

Continuing on in our series Multiplying Movements. Pastor Jared explains what the drawback looks like in the Church and in our own lives.

Multiplying Movements

Multiplying Movements is the name of our new sermon series inside of our journey through Acts. In this sermon Pastor Jared explains what is missing in the Church and why we are not seeing a multiplying movement today.

The Meaning of Matthew 18

We are all called to be ambassadors for Christ, ministers of reconciliation and grace. Why is this so important! Please listen as Pastor Jared explains the true meaning of Matthew 18.

Gamaliel’s Mistake

Acts 5:33-42 Though at first glance Gamaliel’s advice might seem wise, in fact, it is not. In this sermon Pastor Jared is going to explain why it is a mistake to listen to Gamaliel’s advice.

An Encouraging Response

Acts 5:17-32 Good News! Christ is exalted! This should be the most encouraging news. This truth reminds us that God is in control! Please listen to Pastor Jared’s message and be encouraged.

The Sadducees’ Superlatives

Acts 5:17-26. In this passage, we see that what we are filled with matters. The Apostles were filled with the Spirit and the Sadducees were filled with jealousy. Please listen as Pastor Jared speaks to the importance of being filled by the right things.

The Unreached Generation

It is crazy to think that every new generation on this earth is born unreached. This is why it is so important that we remain diligent in striving to reach every new generation. Please listen as Pastor Jared encourages us to do just this.

Shadows and Superstition

Acts 5:12-16 In this passage, many signs and wonders were happening at the hands of the apostles. Please listen as Pastor Jared explains where the true power for these signs and wonders truly comes from!

Hidden Hypocrisy Exposed

In this sermon, pastor Jared walks through a very difficult passage. In Act 4:32-5:11, we read about Ananias and Sapphirea. In this passage, we see that their sin was hypocrisy. Please listen as Pastor Jared challenges us to consider our own lives.