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Parenting for a Spiritual Legacy, Part 1

When you think about parenting, what do you think about?   Maybe… changing diapers discipline safety responsibility sleepless nights ball games dating issues   In general, the concept of parenting is about “raising children” right? That, after all, is what parenting is. It is developing and directing those God has placed in your care.  …

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I’m Not Nervous and That’s Not Bad

Bible teachers and preachers regularly experience a degree of anxiety right before they take the stage to speak on behalf of God. After all, that’s a pretty serious representation, and a reverential heart should recognize the weightiness of such responsibility; however, to pronounce that such an experience is common is different than declaring that it…

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Teaching When Distressed

How do we continue to faithfully teach God’s word when our hearts are heavy? Distractions of all forms hit church leaders. These distractions are circumstances that burden the leader’s heart to such an extent that it threatens their ability to properly prepare for teaching the Bible faithfully. For me, recently my mother exhibited extreme paranoia…

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