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The Time Between

There is a powerful truth that every human being knows for certain, regardless of age, race, religion, education, or economic class. This truth is eerily personal: One day…I will die. Because of sin, death has roamed our world freely, finding every human being since the dawn of time. For the believer, however, Jesus offers a genuine hope. In the…

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Fishing for Life

Matthew 4:19: And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”   I love to go fishing. Something about being on a beautiful body of water away from phones, computers, and crowds creates a wonderfully peaceful and reflective environment for me. But, honestly, that’s not the goal of fishing….

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How Should Christians Respond to the Issue of Homosexuality?

By: Charlie Kelly Charlie is a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Life Connection Group Teacher at Graceland Baptist Church. The issue of homosexuality looms large in our culture.  We are all affected by this issue, and will be increasingly so.  As Christians, we must accept the challenge of knowing how to…

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