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Sacrifices are Awful and That’s the Point

Recently, I was teaching a New Testament History course for a local college. The course begins by emphasizing some of the major influences of the New Testament including four major Old Testament covenants. This background always brings a lot of interesting comments.   In the course of the conversation, one young lady was growing increasingly…

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Mercy Tree

By: Adam McClendon www.newlineministries.com  Life rarely works out the way that we anticipated it would.  It almost seems at times that something is working against us.  It seems life itself fights our progress, others throw up obstacles, and difficult circumstances feel more than coincidental as if Murphy’s humorous observation was actually a law of the…

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Cold-Water Sacrifice

By: Adam McClendon www.newlineministries.com  Well, it finally happened.  I got called out by Reuben Nessmithon the cold-water challenge.  If you are not familiar with the cold-water challenge, it works like this.  Someone “calls you out” on social media.  They immerse themselves in cold water and then challenge you to do the same within 24 hours…

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