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I’m Not Nervous and That’s Not Bad

Bible teachers and preachers regularly experience a degree of anxiety right before they take the stage to speak on behalf of God. After all, that’s a pretty serious representation, and a reverential heart should recognize the weightiness of such responsibility; however, to pronounce that such an experience is common is different than declaring that it…

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15 Pointers for Preaching

By: Pastor Brian G. Najapfour Brian is pastor of Dutton United Reformed Church, Caledonia, Michigan and author of The Very Heart of Prayer: Reclaiming John Bunyan’s Spirituality (2012), Jonathan Edwards: His Doctrine of and Devotion to Prayer (2013), and Child Dedication: Considered Historically, Theologically, And Pastorally (2014). 1.    Preach doctrinally. Don’t only teach Bible doctrines such…

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