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A Pint of Peace Please

By: Adam McClendonwww.newlineministries.comI’m so stressed out.  I mean really stressed.  I feel overwhelmed, under-impressed, underachieved, underwater, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah.  I wish I could just go to Target’s customer service and say, “Uhm, yes.  I’d like to purchase a pint of peace please.”  Yes, ridiculous, but so very true.  I can’t believe how often I succumb…

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Vanities of Vanities:

By: Adam McClendonwww.newlineministries.com The writer of Ecclesiastes wastes no time in depicting a depressing scenario.  He writes, “Vanities of Vanities!  All is Vanity” (1:2b).  Wow, this just rips all the optimism out of your soul doesn’t it?  Sure, and it should.  That’s the point of Ecclesiastes to an extent.  It’s is a book designed to…

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