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Fear of the Lord

By: Adam McClendon www.newlineministries.com Poor Job!  Have you ever read about his life and just thought, “Man, I’m glad I’m not him.”  He had it so tough, and to top it off, he had a wife telling him to curse God and die, and three well intentioned friends inaccurately telling him that he was suffering…

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The Danger of Holiness (Part 1)

Imagine you walk into your local congregation of believers next Sunday. As always, you sing a couple of hymns or contemporary worship songs (depending on the culture of your church) and then the offering plate gets passed around. The guitarist (or organist) is playing a lovely tune when all of a sudden the music crashes…

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The Man in the Tree:

By: Adam McClendonwww.newlineministries.comThis post will be a bit different.  It’s actually a poem about how we allow fear to drive our lives versus walking in God’s grace.  Enjoy, and may you walk in grace without fear today.    The Man in the Tree   There once was a man, who lived in a tree He…

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