SBC Kids is designed to partner with parents as we help kids connect with God’s Word and His Word to their life. No child is too young to learn and experience God’s love. Through Biblical teaching, songs, games, and activities we strive to build a gospel centered spiritual foundation for your children’s lives.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Kids Connection is available for your child at 9am and 10:30am. Here your child will grow in their knowledge of who God is and how real life change happens from the inside out. Kids will enjoy a large group time of high energy worship, games, and teaching followed by a grade level small group where they will focus on how God’s Word applies to their life.

Birth – Preschool

First Look is available at 9am and 10:30am for your child Birth through Pre-K.  Kids can participate in a loving, nurturing environment where they will learn how much God loves them.  We want kids to take a First Look at who God is and understand Him through song, study and story.  We believe children learn best in an age appropriate environment specifically geared toward meeting their needs.

  • Label all your child’s belongings.
  • Let teachers and all staff know if your child has an allergy or security issue.
  • Don’t worry if your child is upset when you drop them off.  It is natural.  If after 10 minutes your child is still upset we will send you a text letting you decide if you want to give them more time to adjust to their class.

At Springhill Baptist Church we love kids and we are committed to creating a fun, safe and secure environment.  It is our desire for parents to experience a user-friendly check-in.   For this reason we are launching a brand new computerized check in system.  Follow the three easy steps below for check in and check out information.

3 Steps to Checking-In and Picking-Up Your Child

  1. Select the “self check in” option on the computer screen.  Enter your phone # and click print.
  2. You and your child will receive a security sticker.  Place sticker visibly on child’s back or left shoulder.  You are welcome to walk your child to their classroom.
  3. Turn in your child’s name at the main check in desk near children’s hallway.   You will walk to our pick up door where a kid’s team leader will match your parent sticker with your child’s sticker.