Luke 4:1-13 || Enemy Plans || Dr. Matt Kimbrough

In this sermon, Dr. Matt Kimbrough leads us through the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. Through Jesus’ temptation, we can recognize the root temptations that we all encounter. Listen as Matt examines how Jesus resisted these temptations and how we can best prepare ourselves as we face them in our own lives.

Worry vs. Planning Through the Lens of Scripture

Dr. Matt Kimbrough helps us understand how God designed His people when it comes to worry and planning. We will be studying 1 Peter 5:6-9 This text helps us identify aspects of our heart that perhaps are harboring pride or anxiety that ultimately does not point to the Father.

Grace that is Greater

Throughout Luke chapter 5, we see Jesus interact with multiple people. In these interactions, there are different aspects of grace. As foundational as grace is to our walks with Christ do our lives give evidence of it? Please listen as Pastor Matt reminds us of how great grace truly is!

Freedom in Christ

Dr. Matt Kimbrough explores Romans 6 and its implications for the freedom that exists in Christ from sin and death.