The mission of GO 61 is to bring a hope and a future to people who live in exploited and oppressed situations. 
Our goal is to accomplish this by offering the Gospel and relief to people in oppressive circumstances; providing prevention services to prevent people in high-risk situations from becoming exploited and de-humanized, and to provide intervention, rescue, and restoration services for people who have been victimized and exploited.

Due to the nature of human trafficking and global slavery, much of our efforts will be focused on finding, rescuing and restoring people caught in this industry.

Our goal is also to educate communities about the injustices against vulnerable people and to mobilize the communities and churches to stand on behalf of oppressed individuals.

Based on Isaiah 61, GO 61 is devoted to:

  • Preaching good news to the poor
  • Binding up the brokenhearted
  • Proclaiming freedom for captives
  • ​Releasing slaves from darkness
  • Comforting those who mourn
  • Providing for those who grieve

In order to accomplish these things, we partner with faith-based communities, government agencies, missionaries, NGOs, and businesses.

GO 61 provides direct services to:  Human trafficking victims and victims of violence and oppression, prostitutes who want to leave the commercial sex industry, and high-risk children and women. Direct services are based out of Springfield, MO.