This page has been created to keep you informed of the latest COVID-19 Action plan regarding Springhill Baptist Church services and scheduled events.  We will continue to follow the guideline recommendations laid out by the CDC, as well as our local authorities.  This page will be updated as new information occurs and changes become necessary.  Please remember, even in this time of ever-changing events, our hope is found in Christ and not the things of this world. 

We understand that meeting as a church is very important and provides a great source of hope during this ever-changing situation.

Welcome back to Springhill Baptist Church! We are currently having two services on Sundays, 9:00 and 10:30 AM.

To be compliant with local and state regulations and keeping everyone safe , seating in the worship service is limited to allow for social distancing.  You can register by clicking Save Your Seat. Choose the worship service and location you plan to attend.  Once seating hits capacity, that available option will close.