By: Adam McClendon

Several years ago, my mother slipped on a freshly mopped floor, broke her neck, and ruptured two discs in her lower back. I’ve been much more careful when walking on wet floors ever since.  They are just to slippery.
Around that time, while struggling with some habitual sin in my life, a sage piece advice was passed along.  Someone told me, “If you don’t want to fall down, don’t walk on a slippery floor.”    
The advice was so simple, but so true.  This advice has since revolutionized my spiritual life.  God calls all believers to live a life that is a holy reflection of his glory.  He is so kind to put up “Caution: Wet Floor” signs all around, and yet so often, I’ve ignored those in the past.  I felt they were unnecessary.  “I won’t fall this time,” I thought, and as a result continued to put myself in tempting situations that enticed the desires of my flesh to the point that they pressed me into sin. 
1 Peter 1:13-16 tells believers to prepare their minds for the battle of this world, stop allowing pre-Christian desires to press them into sin, and to be holy people who serve a holy God.
In light of this Scripture, the challenge is straightforward:
1. look out for the warning signs alerting that a dangerous circumstance is ahead.
2. commit to avoid those circumstances at all costs.
So, if drinking and sleeping around is a struggle, avoid parties.

If porn is a struggle, cut off the internet and cable, and trade in the iphone for a flip phone.
If envy is a struggle, close ebay and facebook accounts.

If gossip is a struggle, stop calling people who like information.

If a flirtatious relationship at work is tempting, change jobs.

If bragging, profanity, and telling dirty jokes is a struggle around certain friends, find new friends.

I know this sounds crazy, but often, crazy commitments require a crazy sacrifice.  The point is not to be isolated from the world; rather, in those areas that one struggles most deeply, is most wounded, is most prone to sin, situations that stimulate those pre-Christian desires too greatly need to be avoided at all cost.

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