Topic: Adam McClendon

Ministering Through the Desert

How I address my downtrodden spirit may well impact the longevity of my ministry.   Every minister struggles with seasons of discouragement and depression. Many godly servants of Christ’s church have exited ministry-stage-right as the result of an inability to deal with the valley moments of life.   Personally, I don’t recall struggling consistently with…

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Unbiblical Methods for a Biblical Cause

Fox News recently published a story about a Marine who was court-martialed for refusing to remove a Bible verse from the government computer in her shared workstation.   Plenty of outrage has been shown towards the lack of tolerance of Christians in American society; however, this story presents a greater indictment against American Christianity than…

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Teaching When Distressed

How do we continue to faithfully teach God’s word when our hearts are heavy? Distractions of all forms hit church leaders. These distractions are circumstances that burden the leader’s heart to such an extent that it threatens their ability to properly prepare for teaching the Bible faithfully. For me, recently my mother exhibited extreme paranoia…

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