Topic: Adam McClendon

A Person of Character

In 1 Timothy 5:17–25, Paul is instructing his young protégé Timothy how to structure ministry so that the spiritual leaders of the church are accountable. Makes sense right? After all, the church is relatively young. A lot of confusion exists on how church should be structured and it is a prime opportunity for people who…

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Parenting for a Spiritual Legacy, Part 1

When you think about parenting, what do you think about?   Maybe… changing diapers discipline safety responsibility sleepless nights ball games dating issues   In general, the concept of parenting is about “raising children” right? That, after all, is what parenting is. It is developing and directing those God has placed in your care.  …

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Sacrifices are Awful and That’s the Point

Recently, I was teaching a New Testament History course for a local college. The course begins by emphasizing some of the major influences of the New Testament including four major Old Testament covenants. This background always brings a lot of interesting comments.   In the course of the conversation, one young lady was growing increasingly…

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