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Toning Down the Criticism of Short-Term Missions

Increasingly, writers are critiquing short-term missions trips. Some of these critiques are quite appropriate; however, I found issue with this particular critique for a variety of reasons, some of which I wanted to share with you all here. Here is the post to which I am responding:   What’s the goal of mission? First,…

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Why We Do Membership Interviews

In our church (Springhill Baptist Church), we do membership interviews with everyone seeking to be considered for membership into the church. This interview process involves going through the church’s articles of faith, expectations of membership, and the candidates for membership have to share their testimonies. Specifically, they are asked to share their life before Christ,…

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Why Does Baptism Need to Be Public?

Private baptisms are seemingly becoming more and more common for a variety of reasons. As culture becomes more socially connected through mediums that remove face-to-face interactions, culture becomes increasingly introverted and unsocial. As churches grow in size and time conscious, it becomes more practical to conduct baptisms at scheduled times during the week for convenience…

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