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Sacrifices are Awful and That’s the Point

Recently, I was teaching a New Testament History course for a local college. The course begins by emphasizing some of the major influences of the New Testament including four major Old Testament covenants. This background always brings a lot of interesting comments.   In the course of the conversation, one young lady was growing increasingly…

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Ash trees are dying at an alarming rate all over the Midwest.  The culprit?  The Emerald Ash Boer.  These trees, however, aren’t dying overnight; it generally takes about 3 years for these insects to kill their host.  Nevertheless, unless some drastic intervention occurs, once they show up they not only kill the tree they infect,…

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All the talk of social justice in our culture has me thinking about the nature of injustice.  What is injustice?  How do we define the greatest injustice versus a lesser injustice?  Stuff like that.  Is this nerdy? I looked up the dictionary definition of injustice.  The definitions are not very helpful.  They say things like,…

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