Redefining Family

Jared Proctor walks through Matthew 12:46-50 and its implications for a scriptural view of family.

Redefining Success

In the inaugural sermon of the Biblical Balderdash series, Jared Proctor explores 2 Timothy 4 for a biblical perspective on success.

God’s Unchanging Character

Jared Proctor explores the immutability of God in Malachi chapter three and what it means for mankind- doom for those who oppose him and hope for those who repent.

The Lord of Hosts

Jared Proctor explores the image of God painted in Psalm 24 as a warrior and commanding king.

The Jealousy of God

Jared Proctor explores the jealousy that God displays in the context of the Ten Commandments- Exodus 20:1-6

The Goodness of God

Jared Proctor challenges listeners with Genesis 1 to reckon in their own hearts that God is good, even in times of suffering.