The Gift of Music

Dr. Rodney Reeves explores the ancient hymn found in Philippians chapter 2 and the phenomenon of musical worship.

The Locust-Eater

Dr. Rodney Reeves explores the question “Does God still send prophets to His people?” by walking through the story of John the Baptizer in Mark chapter one.

The Great Shepherd

Dr. Rodney Reeves explores Luke Chapter 2 in this Christmas Eve message in order to answer the question, “Why did God reveal the birth of Jesus Christ to poor shepherds in the fields?”

Jesus, the Refugee

Dr. Rodney Reeves explores Matthew chapter two and the hope that exists within this dark, more neglected part of the Christmas story.

Finishing The Race

Dr. Reeves explores Hebrews chapter 12 and its implications for the believer who may feel they are losing heart.

Follow Me

Dr. Reeves explores Matthew 16 and 17 and the implications for those who desire to follow Christ.